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How 'Still life with Chillies' was Crafted

I have a large collection of enamel objects and the chillies were grown by a friend. I set them all up under a spotlight using some boxes to spread the objects.

The board was coated with an Aluminium Oxide surface which was then toned blue with gouache and the shapes blocked in.

The cloth was then added and some of the shadows are starting to take shape. The board is very toothy so I start of with hard pastels as the painting nears completion I use more soft pastel. I don't need to use fixative since the surface has plenty of tooth.

The strong reds of the chillies work well with the coffee pot. I work all over the painting rather than finishing one spot, although the temptation to add the highlights is hard to resist.

OK so its not the same painting as won the prize.What happened was that once it was set upand the painting half completed, I liked the view from a slightly different angle so I turned my table around a few degrees rearranged a few things and did a second painting, but its the same technique. Hope you like it!

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