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Crafting of Prizewinners...



How 'Boonah Farm' was Crafted

We stayed on a friend's farm in South East Queensland for a few days. She loves to paint horses and this is looking back towards her house. The hardboard was first primed which then needs to cure for 3 to 6 months.

I brushed a base coat diluted with stand oil onto the hardboard, then wiped out elements with a soft cloth.The left hand image shows details of the wiping out process. The beauty of priming is that I can wipe out back to the lead white with one stroke of the cloth. It is necessary to get all the whites blocked in before the first coat dries, otherwise changes are very difficult later. The painting has to be complete in my mind before I first dip my brush.

I worked on the whole painting rather than concentrating on one area. I try to use as little medium as possible.

The tin roof of the homestead and outbuildings was scumbled on with a dry brush.

The detail on the left shows that the fence wire can be created by wiping off the paint with the tip of the handle of the brush.

I waited a few days before putting on the highlights. I think the secret of oil painting is never leaving anything on the painting overnight that I'm not 100% happy with. Better to wipe it out and tackle it again in the morning.

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