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Crafting Prizewinners


Crafting of Prizewinners...



How 'Nasturtiums' was Crafted

The nasturtiums are from my own garden. I usually wait till the right season of the year when they are rampant with leggy new growth, then they can drape out the vase and around the painting. I arrange and rearrange until the composition is right. In the meantime the nasturtiums sulk and the leaves droop.  After an hour or so the plant begins to perk up again and it is then I do the final attangment and I'm ready to begin.

The prussian blue background comes next and I fill in the fine pattern of the leaf stems as I go. The reason I have photographs of the various stages of the winning paintings is that my husband is a photographer and shoots each stage of most of my large works. Thus, many of the paintings that win a prize have photographs of how they were painted.
I pick a few fresh flowers and scatter them in the foreground before I start the detail on the tablecloth.



The hard work of the tablecloth is balanced by the joy of adding the highlights. This is the longest stage of the painting perhaps taking up to three quarters of the time.

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