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Crafting Prizewinners


Crafting of Prizewinners...



How 'Camooweal Drover' was Crafted

 I have visited Camooweal (near the Queensland Northern Territory border in far north Queensland) a few times and I was once there for the Drovers Camp Festival. This attracts drovers and bush characters from far and wide. I found them a friendly lot and I was able to sketch some of these bushies. Just observing the way they walk and stand and the clothes they wear gave me great painting material.


Detail of figure

Before the first coat dried I wiped out the second horse's near side leg. If I'm not sure of something it is best to take it out and do it again the next day.

After the first coat had dried I was able to do more to the horses, the scrub and the sky.



The finished painting 'Camooweal Stockman'

Detail of texture

The sky in the north west has a light all of its own, and the low horizon also has special qualities. The texture on the priming is great to depict the hair of the horse.


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