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Crafting of Prizewinners...



How 'April in Venice' was Crafted


I went to Venice in 2005 and stayed in Cannaregio for two weeks. This scene was quite close to our lodgings and I passed it many times. Because this canal is between two tall buildings the light and shade is only on the wall for a very short time each day.

The Alumina-coated masonite is given a tan gouache underpainting. The drawing is blocked in and work commences.


A progressive detail of one of the windows.

The tan underpainting was chosen because it suited the depiction of the eroded brick surface. The line of shadows at the border where the stucco meets the brickwork help give the illusion that the stucco layer is quite thick.


The finished painting.

The judges comment on this painting were as follows:"A canal and building facade is the dominating feature of this work. The rendering of brickwork, stucco and detail are particularly convincing and subtle. A quiet picture with strong impact."


The finished detail of this window.

A finished detail of another of the windows.


Detail of the pole and eroded brickwork.

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