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Crafting of Prizewinners...



How 'Memories' was Crafted.

Watch the animated sequence below, or use the grey Left and Right arrows below to click through each stage of the development of this painting.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 1

    I spend a lot of time in planning what to paint.

    Setting up the objects and seeing how they look under the light is an important prerequisite to the painting.

    The objects should have a relation to one another. In this painting a rural Australian theme was explored.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 2

    More detail is drawn on the canvas and objects are treated one by one from the top down.

    This is because of the size of the canvas, it can then be elevated as each row is worked on.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 3

    The dark background which will act as a foil to the painting, giving the objects their third dimension, is started.

    The brown coffee pot has changed sides.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 4

    The lock is moved to give better composition.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 5

    A bottle makes way for a can.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 6

    In the gap on the bottom shelf an oil can is added to the set up and then painted in.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 7 - Finished

    The detail and the highlights are added all over the painting.

    This painting won the Ernest Henry Open prize for painting in 2012 and won the People's Choice award in the same competition.

    The judges comments were as follows:

    “The topic 'Memories' involved images from the past with our way of life on properties. Bits, lead reins, curry combs, cleaning hooves out, shoeing, trophies, Arnotts Biscuits, enamel crockery. These items were a delight to link up as a Memory Theme and enable the whole canvas to come together happily before our eyes.”

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