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Crafting Prizewinners


Crafting of Prizewinners...



How 'Books' was Crafted.

Watch the animated sequence below, or use the grey Left and Right arrows below to click through each stage of the development of this painting.

  • Christine Atkins - Eucalyptus and Teapot

    Step 1

    The books were arranged in a pile in my studio and the spotlight turned on.

    Things have to be carefully thought out before starting, especially the highlights and shadows. The white page markers were put in place. This is essential to get the right shadow lines.

  • Christine Atkins - Eucalyptus and Teapot

    Step 2

    The picture frame used in this set up is made of brass, found in the flea market.

    I start to establish the desired tonal range.

  • Christine Atkins - Eucalyptus and Teapot

    Step 3

    The titles and type on the book pages is suggested. The pattern on the cloth looks difficult, but its surprisingly easy – once you have done a few!

  • Christine Atkins - Eucalyptus and Teapot

    Step 4

    The painting in the background is real – from the Mary Valley, I propped the painting nearby, being careful to get the same angle to the light and transferred it.

    The shadows are given more depth and the highlights more light.

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