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Crafting Prizewinners


Crafting of Prizewinners...



How 'This That and the Other' was Crafted.

Watch the animated sequence below, or use the grey Left and Right arrows below to click through each stage of the development of this painting.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 1

    I set up the objects in an old bookcase with additional pieces of scrap wood to make the cubicles.

    When I had decided on the items to use, I set up the shelves and sketched it on the canvas in charcoal.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 2

    I now reassembled the lower shelves and proceeded to paint in those objects.

    The work was done in stages like this because the petitions between the shelves were not strong enough to hold the whole assembly.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 3

    As I proceeded down the painting I now added the Nasturtiums.

  • Christine Atkins - Memories

    Step 4

    The cosmos were now added into the vase and I worked throughout the painting doing finishing touches.

    This painting won the Still Life section of the Brisbane Ekka (Royal National Association Exhibition)

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