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Crafting Prizewinners


Crafting of Prizewinners...



How 'Summer Daisies' was Crafted.

Watch the animated sequence below, or use the grey Left and Right arrows below to click through each stage of the development of this painting.

  • Christine Atkins - Summer Daisies

    Step 1

    Have a thoroughly formed idea of the finished painting.

    Rearrange the items until the picture you see is the finished painting in your mind.

  • Christine Atkins - Summer Daisies

    Step 2

    Establish the darks early, it helps keep the tonal range.

  • Christine Atkins - Summer Daisies

    Step 3

    A few highlights bring the glass objects to life.

  • Christine Atkins - Summer Daisies

    Step 4

    Establish the base coats of the flowers.

  • Christine Atkins - Summer Daisies

    Step 5

    Finished. These are the judge’s comments when awarding the painting the first prize:

    “The winner displayed admirable technical skills in drawing and rendering a challenging subject group”.

Detail from 'Summer Daisies':

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