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How 'Gum Blossoms' was Crafted.

Watch the animated sequence below, or use the grey Left and Right arrows below to click through each stage of the development of this painting.

  • Christine Atkins - Gum Blossoms

    Step 1

    Starting with a mid blue background the initial sketch is drawn in with a grey hard pastel with the main bunches of flowers roughly blocked in again with hard pastel sticks.

  • Christine Atkins - Gum Blossoms

    Step 2

    Still using hard pastels the leaves, flowers and buds are worked on and the gum nuts and postition of lace cloth are indicated.

  • Christine Atkins - Gum Blossoms

    Step 3

    More detail is added to the leaves, blossoms and stalks using both hand and soft pastels.

    The background and dark blue vase are also worked on using soft pastels.

  • Christine Atkins - Gum Blossoms

    Step 4

    Work on the flowers and leaves continues and the lace cloth is now worked on using mainly soft pastels.

  • Christine Atkins - Gum Blossoms

    Step 5

    All over the painting the finishing touches are put in.

    Pastel pencils are used to finish off the leaves. The highlights on the vases are the last thing to be done.

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